Are You Tired Of Being Owned By Your Emotions Instead Of Knowing How To Claim Them And Utilize Their Gifts?

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moon centers gurutejFeel heavy and bogged down?

Lost your sensual, sexual sensoryself?

Do you ever feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster?

 Love to know how to chart your emotions and be able to use them instead of having them use you?

One day you’re a fearless superstar, the next you just want to curl up in a cocoon of safety?

Want to know what you really could be eating to feel great?

Know there must be tools out there you need but haven’t found them?

Ready to Know more about how understanding YOUR Moon Centers and how knowing this sacred science can help you understand, love and work with your inner emotional world instead of working for it.

 If yes then join me for these free webinars where we get to connect and unveil these secrets.

  • March 9th 5 pm PT
  • March 12th 11 am PT

Time for Q & A

See you soon dear one

I so look forward to being with you on this journey of a sacred science I love and can’t wait to share this love with you.

I will be giving away a few prizes (only those present will be eligible). Psst and they will be worth being present for love.

Love and blessings to you, 


Once you register you will get your zoom link to be as live as we can get at this moment love. Dates for our launch parties (virtual) are March 9, 5 pm PST and March 12, 11 am PST. See you there. So please sign up!