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Ready to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Ready to be supported through self-nourishing and empowering yogic exercises, journaling, meditations, and much more? By joining Empowered Energy Academy you receive access to the world’s best yogic tools. Energy interrupters, breathing exercises, meditations, and guides that help you feel more connected to yourself, more calm and directed, and achieve a clearer, more connected mind. As a result, you will live a more Empowered, Energized Life.

Yoga Trainings

Hundreds of hours of yoga exercises available on-demand and live, including Gurutej's world famous Kundalini Yoga DVDs.

Journaling Tools

By joining Empowered Energy Academy you get instant access to printable and digital tracking and accountability tools designed to help you understand your nervous systems, control your focus, breathing and energy.

Discipline Training

Discipline is the desire to show up again and again risking feeling overwhelmed to reach the success of getting something. Empowered Energy Academy teaches you how to become a more disciplined person.

Your Empowered Energy

You know more about all forms of energy, be it solar, natural gas or thermal or … than we do our own energy. This changes here .This is your place to learn how to be in charge of your own energy states to empowered ones in moments.

What Empowered Energy Academy Students Have to Say...

It’s very smooth, colorful, easy to navigate and chock-full of evidence-based information, a quiz, and a meditation which I practice everyday since it works anytime, anywhere. I’m enjoying your fun and enlightening facebook group too. And, as I’m eager to keep learning and practicing knowledge until the next module opens, I am following your YouTube videos-you share a lot of powerful ways of being- and running your dvds that i purchased previously from you.
North Carolina, USA
As a mother and self-employed music teacher, I was feeling deeply drained and exhausted from many years of creating, supporting, generating and being the source of both income and energy for many people. After working with the radiant Gurutej, her practical, fun, deeply nourishing resources, I have connected to an endless supply of energy, support and feel I have the tools to regain equilibrium when things get out of balance. These tools have been a enormous gift, as they have transformed and grown my business to the fullest, and more importantly, my family’s ecology is much more harmonious, and Joyful.
Toronto, Canada

Get back to your energetic base without cheaters.

Feel empowered to  respond to situations instead of react to them. 

Know you have the tools to create the habits that will support you being both energized and empowered.

Have the support to turn your tools into habits that serve you for the rest of your life.

Being Part of This Community Means

You get to walk through a door and join Empowered Energy Academy so You are empowered.

Empowered Energy Academy Is Your 12-Month Blueprint

A 12-Month Blueprint to help you stay connected, inspired and supported every day.Each month will have a theme and focus highlighting a different area of your life. This focus will help make it easier to stay on track. There’s a monthly mantra sheet that will help you stay focused. Print it out and put it where you will see it often.

Led by International Kundalini Yoga Master Teacher

Gurutej Khalsa

For over 50 years, Gurutej has been teaching all over the world and is considered an authority on Kundalini Yoga/meditation/conscious lifestyle. Gurutej has been living her destiny and continues to awaken the spirit of all she touches. She is known as the Energy Guru. Her mission is to give everyone the tools and support to become their own Energy Guru.

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